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A little about me...

HI, I'M Molly

I’m a full-time wedding and elopement photographer living in Hoboken, NJ. For as long as I can remember, I've always been the girl with a camera in her hand. I loved documenting all the moments in life that made me happy, whether that was my friends doing something funny, the chicken finger basket I got at the beach, or my family eating at our favorite restaurant. My love for documenting all the big and small moments of my life grew over the years and truly flourished when I got my DSLR. Now, I've been able to turn my hobby of documenting my life into a career where I get to document and preserve the memories, emotions, and stories of others. There is truly nothing more special than that to me! 

I honestly still can’t believe that I get to document and share love stories as a job. While my journey to becoming a full time couples/elopement/wedding photographer has been circuitous to say the least, I’m so happy and grateful that this is where I’ve ended up. I’m so excited to share more of my story with you and can’t wait to hear and document yours! My hope is that you’ll walk away from this experience with not only beautiful, timeless photos but also a new friend :) 

I think we're a match!

I am constantly inspired by my couples and their love stories. Hearing about you, how you met, your favorite things to do together, & why you love each other serve as the basis for my art and I love incorporating all those special elements into my photos. Want to recreate your favorite album cover together

  • Beach sunsets
  • 2000s pop-punk ballads 
  • 35mm Film
  • Mountain hikes 
  • 2000s rom-coms



the short answer.... 


other things that inspire me

When I'm not capturing images of my cutie couples, you can find me chilling on the couch with some sort of dessert (nerds clusters, cookie dough, or fruit snacks) watching the latest episode of Euphoria or Criminal Minds.

While photography is my main passion, I also love to bake. My grandmother taught me how to bake at a really young age and I've been baking ever since. Giving people baked goods is just one of my love languages. Some of my favorite things to bake include chocolate chip cookies, mini cupcakes, and pumpkin spiced sheet cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

My Fav Things

My fav things

On the weekends, my lovely boyfriend, Jared, and I like go get out and explore new areas of New York. At least one night a week, we like to try a new sushi restaurant. We also like to spend time with our crazy new mini dachshund pup Snoopy and of course, Sadie.

So that’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we all have different stories and memories to share. No journey is the same, which is why I LOVE highlighting everything about you that makes your story unique.

One of the most important things to me is that you feel comfortable and stress-free in front of the camera. Instead of stiff, awkward poses, I choose to focus on prompts that will encourage you to connect naturally with your partner. By the end, you and your partner are going to be having so much fun that you'll forget even I'm there capturing it all.

behind the lens

behind the lens

I like to think of myself as an extroverted introvert. I know when to jump in and give you a little direction (like what to do with your hands), but also when to just sit back and capture the magic between you two unfold. 

Above all else, I want to make sure that your experience in front of the lens is a fun and memorable one. The last thing I want for you is to feel like getting your photo taken is another chore on your to do list. 

Your comfort is my #1 priority!!! That's why I love to get to know my couples on a more personal/friendship level. We'll spend time before our session getting to know one another so by the time it comes to take your picture, you'll feel like an old friend is behind the camera.

My philosphy

my philosphy

 Plus, truly getting to know you allows me to capture moments that truly represent how special, warm, and magical your relationship is. I want you to know that I am completely committed to making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free in front of my lens. 

I truly believe that documenting love stories is what I was made to do. I pour my heart and soul into documenting each couple's unique story so that they can relive their most precious memories for generations to come.


Your experience matters just as much to me as your final gallery. My goal is to make your wedding photography experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Know that when you hire me as your wedding photographer, I am here for you!


Genuine connection is so essential for me to do what I do. Choosing a wedding photographer is about so much more than finding someone who takes pretty pictures. To me, it's about finding someone that you connect with and trust to tell your story. That's why I truly care about getting to know the real you!


I want to capture you and your partner exactly as you are in this season of life. I believe that it's the little every day moments and gestures that truly tell your unique love story.


My Core Values





you are who we've been searching for!

There's no place like home

I absolutely love to travel and I am so lucky that my parents introduced me to it from a very young age. Through travel, I have discovered new places that truly feel like my home away from home. Travel has impacted my life profoundly and I feel like I would not be the person I am today without my adventures. 

my favorite places

Shanghai, China
Marrakesh, Morocco
Lugano, Switzerland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paris, France
Florence, Italy
Helsinki, Finland
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
London, England
Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica
George Town, Cayman Islands
St. John Island
Sancti Spiritus, Cuba 


United States


we're ready for an adventure!

We're ready for an Adventure!






Molly did an amazing job of making it feel so easy and natural! She made us feel like she cared about our story as a couple and I feel like the photos totally reflect that.

kasumi + David

Molly made the shoot super easy for us. She made us feel very relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and we had such a great time!

Hailey + Alex

Molly made us feel comfortable in front of camera quickly. The process was easy and seamless and the photos are absolutely beautiful.

Jade + Hugh

Capturing all the candid + heartfelt moments that make your love one-of-a-kind

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