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hi there!

my name is molly and i’m a portrait, travel, and lifestyle photographer based in los angeles, california. while LA is my home base, i’m always ready to discover anything and everything that the world has to offer, from bustling city centers to tranquil mountainside meadows.

as much as I love exploring on my own, its always more fun to have a friend join. that’s where you come in. rather than just a photographer, think of me as your new adventure buddy, someone who’s ready to capture all of those candid moments filled with blissful smiles and roaring laughter.

know that you know a little bit about what I like to do, here is a little more about me:

  • i’m currently a fourth year environmental studies and marine biology student at USC pursuing a masters in environmental studies. one of my biggest goals in life is to make a difference in the world, one reusable straw at a time.

  • I love anything that has to do with the ocean. my favorite sea animal is a beluga whale, because c’mon how can you not love their adorable little faces

  • I have two dachshunds that I absolutely love to death and if you’re ever with me, I will make you stop and admire every dachshund we pass by

  • I am an avid crime show watcher. my favorites include elementary, sherlock, death in paradise, and buzz feed’s unsolved

now that you know a little bit about me, i can’t wait to get to know you. send me a message so we can get to know each other, collaborate, and create something magical!

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these are a few of my favorite things…

golden sunsets/baby blue skies/breezy coastlines/little wildflowers/forest roads lined with trees/window lighting/snowy mountain tops/sandy beaches


…and a few more

gold jewelry/green palm leaves/panic! at the disco/passionfruit/blue raspberry lollipops/stranger things/white sneakers/brownies/weezer/truffle parmesan fries (or any fries for that matter)/reusable straws/troye sivan/denim jackets with patches/big bang theory/quinn xcii/eleanor & park by rainbow rowell


 oh the places i want to go

1.     sequoia national forest, california 

2.     amalfi coast, italy

3.     grand canyon

4.     yellowstone national park, wyoming

5.     plitvis lakes national park, croatia

6.     madrid, spain

7.     tokyo, japan

8.     santorini, greece

9.     banff, canda

10.  big sur, california