I have absolutely no words for this gorgeous, rainy New York City elopement. Even though it was a little rainy and cloudy, we still had a magical day adventuring around the city. One of the biggest upsides to it being a little rainy is that we had the Brooklyn Bridge all to ourselves that morning, which if you’ve ever been to New York City, you know NEVER happens. I also love how the rain added a touch of moody ambiance to all the photos. Long story short, don’t be worried if it’s a little rainy on the day of your wedding or elopement because it can add something special to your day. Plus, rain on your wedding or elopement day is said to be good luck!

Lukas and Cecile’s Love Story

Couple kisses in front of carousel

Cecile and Lukas are both from Zurich and when they reached out to me saying that they wanted to elope in New York City before their intimate wedding in Switzerland, I knew I had to capture their beautiful day. Cecile and Lukas met when they were teens and were friends for years before getting together. With some encouragement from friends, they finally got together and have been madly in love ever since!

Cecile and Lukas compliment each other perfectly and one thing that they both said about the other is that they love that they can be their true selves when they’re together. And I think that is so so beautiful. When they’re together, it feels like home.

Lukas and Cecile’s Rainy New York City Elopement


February 13, 2023

Rainy, Romantic New York City Elopement

Molly Waring


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