Do you and your partner need to take engagement photos but don’t know how to make them “you”? One of my biggest suggestions to couples looking to make their engagement session more personal is to treat it just like a date. Do some of your favorite activities like window shopping or taking a walk along the riverside. You could also choose to visit some of your favorite bars or restaurants in the City if you and your partner have a favorite that you always go to!

Paige and Adam definitely made their shoot unique by visiting one of their favorite bars where they had their first date: Forgtmenot on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We began their lower east side engagement shoot by hanging out in Forgtmenot and snapping some photos at some of the tables where they’ve enjoyed countless hours of good chats and drinks. Forgtmenot was filled with so much personality and I feel like I could have spent hours just looking at all the cool wall art and stickers. A HUGE thank you to the owners of Forgtmenot for allowing us to shoot ther!

After taking some time to explore this cute bar, we ventured over to Pier 35 to take some photos along the river. Pier 35 is such a gorgeous place to get some great views of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn without all the crowds of other similar places like DUMBO.

We ended our engagement shoot by getting some iconic NYC street shots of Paige and Adam crossing the street. Honestly, these are some of my favorite shots to include in NYC engagement galleries because the photos always feel so quintessentially New York.

Paige and Adam–you two are such a sweet, caring couple. Even though we only spent an hour together, I can truly see just how much you two love and support each other. It was such an honor capturing your love story and can’t wait to hear about your wedding in France!

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November 10, 2022

Sunrise Lower East Side Engagement Session

Molly Waring


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