Where to begin with this stunning, intimate New Jersey Park Elopement. Kiley and Shade reached out to me just a week before their elopement looking for a photographer who could document their day authentically. After meeting with them, I learned just how kind and down to earth they are and I just knew I had to help capture their day.

Instead of a big wedding, Kiley and Shade decided on a small, intimate elopement with their family and closest friends. At the end of the day, what Kiley and Shade cared most about was spending quality time and celebrating with their family and friends and ultimately decided that an elopement was the best way to commemorate their love. Family and friends flew all the way from Kansas to celebrate Kiley and Shade’s elopement at a beautiful, shady park near their apartment in Totowa, NJ.

Kiley and Shade spent the afternoon before their elopement getting ready in their apartment with their fur babies, friends, and family. There is something so special about getting ready with all your loved ones in the place you call home. Laughter, love, and smiles filled the rooms of their apartment as we all got ready to head to the part for their ceremony.

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Kiley and Shade’s Story

During their intimate ceremony, I got to learn more about Kiley and Shade’s love story. While they first met in middle school, Kiley and Shade didn’t reconnect until they were in college. While on break, they went back home to celebrate their friend Blake’s birthday. Their dear friend Blake passed away unexpectedly and they went home to honor and celebrate his birthday and life. After the celebration, Kiley and Shade went to a local bar called Charlie’s Place and the rest is history.

Kiley and Shade’s friend Blake is the reason they reconnected after all those years and they wanted to honor him during their wedding ceremony. Blake’s favorite drink was Rolling Rock Beer and they toasted to him at the end of their ceremony. This made their day so special and meaningful.

After their ceremony, we spent some time taking family photos and exploring the park for some cute places to take their couples portraits. To round out their amazing evening, Kiley and Shade took their friends and family to their favorite local Italian restaurant and enjoyed delicious wedding cake back at their apartment.

Overall, Kiley and Shade planned a beautiful and meaningful day that incorporated special details to make their day unique to them. It was an absolute honor to witness their ceremony and see just how much they are loved by their friends and family.


November 19, 2022

Intimate New Jersey Park Elopement

Molly Waring


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